[update: it sounds like the search respects the profile discoverability opt-out, which federates, unlike the "search engine indexing" thing which does not? That's much less bad than we thought. It should still be opt-IN, though, not opt-out. oliphant.social/@oliphant/1103]

so apparently universeodon.com is doing FULL INDEXING on every post they receive, without consent. It sounds like maybe even non-public posts??

"we didn't get people yelling at us, so it must be okay! but now people are? what the fuck?"


I don't usually make fediblock posts, but uh
yeah if you don't want to be indexed without consent...
universeodon.com for fulltext indexing incoming posts.

@IceWolf@masto.brightfur.net you know that akkoma and misskey instances can all do fulltext search on all posts right?

@IceWolf@masto.brightfur.net consent for what? displaying posts? isn't that what visibility is for?

why is it different if someone finds a post in search and if someone finds a post in the federated timeline?

@iro_miya Because if they find a post in the federated timeline, that's like... they just happened to see it.

Don't let people SEARCH for whatever kind of people they don't like and harass them.

Also just like, I'm cool with people /happening/ to find my posts, NOT with them being able to /search/ for them.

If you want to search for my posts, ASK FIRST. It being public is NOT CONSENT.

@iro_miya (yeah I'm kinda shouty. This kind of "well if it's public, that's consent!" is way more common than it should be and it makes me pissed.)

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