[update: it sounds like the search respects the profile discoverability opt-out, which federates, unlike the "search engine indexing" thing which does not? That's much less bad than we thought. It should still be opt-IN, though, not opt-out. oliphant.social/@oliphant/1103]

so apparently universeodon.com is doing FULL INDEXING on every post they receive, without consent. It sounds like maybe even non-public posts??

"we didn't get people yelling at us, so it must be okay! but now people are? what the fuck?"


I don't usually make fediblock posts, but uh
yeah if you don't want to be indexed without consent...
universeodon.com for fulltext indexing incoming posts.

Okay, if you're going to come in and try to tell me "don't let Mastodon kneecap search!" and "but why shouldn't things be searchable?" you are going to get fucking blocked, and possibly /eaten./ And not the fun kind.

This is about FUCKING CONSENT.



And now YET ANOTHER PERSON – this time someone we've actually seen around before, though never really talked to – is coming in like "well search was always here, Mastodon was misleading people!" and HEY, FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

"oh you never actually had control, so you should continue to not have control, and people trying to index your posts are totally in the clear!" What, NO.

Well that's a new one. Yet ANOTHER rando actually /DMed me/ this time, tacked on to the last one, just to tell me my safety doesn't matter.

"Google and Microsoft are already scraping everything; consent, my ass!" Consent, MY fluffy ass. I don't even have a place to begin countering that argument because it fucking MAKES NO SENSE.

But that's not really the point. The point is, who the fuck /DMs you/ just to tell you you don't matter.

The other critters just get blocked. I'm /reporting/ this guy.

quote, fuck this guy 

"Lol. @/Polychrome tried to describe to you how things actually and technically work, and you decided to stay in your own fantasy bubble. Consent :) Not just other Fediverse services index every post they see, but also Google and Microsoft. They have already had everything you ever posted. How about that? Consent, my ass :)"

I uh.
I can't even.

I hope the sfba.social mods don't just brush off my report with "well Actually It's Okay!".

"staying in a fantasy bubble"? SERIOUSLY, dude??

Iiiii guess this is what pileon replyguy harassment looks like 🙃

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