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huge wolf walks up to the counter
taps claw on "medium-size frappucino"
pulls money out of a saddlebag hidden in its fluff, goes to sit on one of the seats
everyone's too scared to react

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this works for dragons or for persons studying an instrument. take your pick.

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"We run the platform so you don't have to!" as an excuse for centralization is so flimsy. I already don't need to run my own Mastodon instance. I can choose to do so if I want to. That's the appeal.

sorcerykid's latest mod adds animated pride flags. There's 8 to choose from, a great way to celebrate #PrideMonth in #Minetest

There are developers who think git=github and it causes me epheremal pain in my souls crystal cortex

on-device encrypted open source menstrual tracking app. Play Store or FDroid. iOS version in the works

Heeeck, our Nextcloud broke and we have no idea what's wrong with it.

"Failed to start session" isn't much to go on.

fuck! I broke Masto's nginx config on LAN by accident!

Maybe it's an instinctive compensation for the lack of shading?

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I wonder why I tend to use /reverse/ countershading in my mech forms. Making my belly darker than my main body, instead of lighter.

If you use a terminal client like curl, it'll just return the bare IP address, with no HTML junk. But if you do it from a browser, it gives you a full webpage. :3

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Our IP responder is now operational:

If it says "", please come yell at us, it means we messed up the server configuration.

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