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brb giving castrated dogs testosterone if they want

hook 'em up with the T some random doctor took away from them!

(... I may be joking, but 100% wouldn't be if it were feasible.)

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"But Frost, if the entire concept of intelligence is shit, are you saying that animals–" yep!

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[XKCD voice] My Hobby:

[picture of wolf wreaking havoc in a coffee shop just by existing]


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Artists who take commissions, I have a question:

I'm considering opening up commissions for the first time, as a trial. Is it possible to take commission payments anonymously? I don't want customers seeing my irl name in transactions or records. PayPal transfers are a no-go without a business account, but I don't want to set up a business to try taking commissions for the first time. I also don't want to touch crypto. <_<

Am I out of luck, or is there an option for my niche circumstances? Should I ask people to pay me in steam games? >_>

#Art #Commissions

I made a basic landing page for our site, to link to specific people's pages!

I worry the old "[under construction]" text might be better for Opsec™ though. Like if people type in the domain from our email addresses or something.

this will be my one bitchingpost on the subject

but i do not like grouped notifications and i do not like that they're likely coming here soon as an "improvement" :pinpensive:

mastodon: cant wait to try Gnome Mobile on my Plasma 5 Ubuntu Phone!

bluesky: Here’s a recall of 30 different UK store sandwiches ➡️🔗

twitter: What was the “incident” at your “High School”?

parents will tell you "i care about my privacy" then proceed to buy Unnamed Camera that requires setup and registering and using Random Chinese App/Platform

going into a mcdonald’s and ordering a wp-login.php

in desperate need of computer help pretty please :neocat_heart: 

okay so, my server at home has been randomly locking up for a very long time now. i thought it was related to the broken SSD but i replaced it and it's still happening.

when it happens, the ethernet port's LEDs keep flashing as if it's still transmitting or receiving stuff, but it disappears from the network and hits me with "no route to host". the disk activity LED also keeps flashing. i can't interact with it in any way, though i haven't tried more than plugging in a keyboard and display because i just wanted to get it rebooted and back online

the syslogs just cut out at the point where it freezes (see screenshot, read bottom to top). i'm fairly sure it's not a kernel panic because when i attach a screen
after it freezes it initializes the display output properly but then only shows a freeze frame of the shell login prompt.

it's probably a hardware problem, but i genuinely don't know where to even start debugging it. i don't have a screen or serial cable i can leave attached 24/7 to see if there's any logs that don't get flushed to disk, and i don't know if there's another way to monitor that. doesn't help that sometimes it happens several times a day (like today for example) and other times it runs fine for weeks without problems

the machine's metrics are stable leading up to the lockup so it's probably not a memory leak (although it'd still recover from that at some point once the OOM killer kicks in, and i've had it stay dead for a week straight when i wasn't home to fix it). i
am edging my memory limit but there's plenty free SWAP space

since i have to kill the machine every time this happens i've had to deal with fixing disk corruption before, so i'd really like to get this figured out to avoid having to deal with an unrecoverable filesystem

no human person deserves to be a billionaire! i do however know some therians who could do wonders with that kind of money,

I tried flipping our speakers into high gain mode but they need more power :<

Humans are always like "human human HUMAN human human ✨HUMANITY✨ human!!!" and ugh.

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"human person"? Excuse me why is humanity required there. Seriously, you could JUST drop "human" that's ALL IT TAKES to not be actively humancentric.

This is great. Disney workers, trying to unionize, created buttons and stickers featuring Mickey Mouse's raised, clenched fist. It's public domain after all! Disney tried to stop them wearing these at work, but there's a law that says companies can't do that, even if they have a dress code, so the unionizers are suing Disney.

#Unionize #Unions #UnionStrong #organize #Disney

Consumers Energy is the name of the local gas utility

It's always sounded a bit vore-y to me

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