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"But Frost, if the entire concept of intelligence is shit, are you saying that animals–" yep!

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need housing by Dec 14 [SF bay area] 

Hey, uh
We just got a letter on our door saying they're kicking us out on December 14

"we're not kicking you out!" yes you /literally/ are.

Probably because they have a limit on how long you can stay here, rather than them finally getting fed up with us not being COMPLETE doormats, but who knows.

It sounds like we might have 90 days after that to find a place? but I'd rather not have to fall back on that

So uh, yeah. We need someplace to live, within the next few months. We're in the SF Bay area (currently in Oakland); locationwise, anything where we can easily get to BART on public transit works equally well.

And, if possible, we kinda really need a room we can retreat to, because trauma. We don't do well in wide-open spaces where everyone can see us with nowhere to run.

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[XKCD voice] My Hobby:

[picture of wolf wreaking havoc in a coffee shop just by existing]


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this has been my avatar image for when my camera is off during video calls at work for a few months now and I still laugh when I see it

You need to bring everyone along. An example of doing it right:

When Spain closed down their last coal mines in 2018, they spent €250 million on :

- early retirement for miners over the age of 48,
- restorative environmental measures in coal communities
- retrain coal miners to begin working with safer, more modern green technologies."

These mines were closed without a fight. (I mean, did you even hear about the closures?)

OMG, the "can you melt an egg" answer is back, this time *citing the article that explains how Google was taking the wrong answer*. #ai #fail

Periodic reminder: you cannot own a fucking hashtag. No, not even that one.

I set my phone's notification sound to be the "Wii Startup Disk" error sound. It is an extremely obscure sound, but to the uninitiated it's just three clicks in a row, nothing that sounds nearly as obscure as it is.

It’s sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.

A scientist at Ohio University has developed a catalyst capable of extracting hydrogen from urine. That's right. Urine. Now you can fill one tank while draining another.

Gerardine Botte claims the device uses significantly less energy than is needed to extract hydrogen from water and says it could power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the near future.

i need an update on these piss cars

Vore quota/quadruped form 

I don't need thumbs to catch a friend and pack them away :_gayheart2:

...But sauntering away with this bulge is gonna take some work. Enjoy the squish @BlaiddYote ~

:blobcat_bongo_belly: Me, Brejen, just without long digits
:bulge: @BlaiddYote
🎨: Shiny latias
Original post.

Also, can't seem to content warning pics anymore?

In retrospect you probably shouldn't go up against writers in a contest of who can keep doing something longer while not making any money.

f(x,y) = ((((y ^ x) & (x + x)) - (~(~x))) ^ (((x * x) % (-y)) % ((x - x) + (-x)))) % 8

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

lewd, puerile 

Idea: Giant chicken guy that eats people named VoreCock

Explicit soft oral vore, Anthro Male Prey, Snake Pred 

Make sure you celebrate #snaketember the right way... inside a giant snake, as we see Sen doing here. Against his will. That's the spirit!

#vore #furry #furryart #art #nsfw

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