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rambling about psychs 

From everything we've seen, psychs' whole goal is to "fix" people by making them "normal".

They don't care if you're fine, if you're different that's a Disorder to be Cured i.e. ripped out of you.

Sure, I'm sure some psychs wouldn't do that for SOME "disorders"
just autistic? you're probably safe
plural? that's /decidedly/ iffier.

but we basically only hear of, say, schizophrenia as a bad thing

now, we don't really know what schizophrenia even /is/
(a lot of what we hear sounds like it's often just plurality?)

but everyone treats it as Inherently Bad, something to be eliminated, even if you're fine with being that way.

(slight tangent, but even if you're not fine with it, if you've got headmates, they deserve a say too.)

I got Lynxie a special bowl that's tilted so he can eat more easily and he eats from the wrong side.


Hey Best Buy, why the fuck are you charging /$15/ for an RCA audio cable.

And $20 for a component cable.

I am quite aware of how filters and muting work, thank you all very much.

Please use CWs.

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vore ment. 

I'm vore-teasing a critter while Frost is slicing up people with swords in a game. Multitasking! :3


...phew, okay. I shoulda blocked the trolls long before I actually did.

Notification pops up on my desktop that reads "Halp!"

Me: *clicks it, it vanishes*

Computer, moments later: "Halp!"

Me: Ok WTF

Jaco, sitting at his computer, terminal open, giggling:

Getting real fed up with the lack of full text search here.

A side
it's got arranged sounds. just like music, some will say.

asking for money help, please boost :boost_ok: 


i need $80 to order groceries and $60 for medical weed

$140 in total

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. i'm currently searching for remote jobs now

i'm gonna put my full focus towards that, so no more freelance video editing or etsy shop for the moment. please help me survive in the meantime





thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

re: vore, sappy 

Also a new experience! Never done this before.


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vore, sappy 

Being digested along with your mate is nice. <3


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